Flyod Killing: what is the difference between racism abroad and tribalism in Nigeria?



Racism is a game of the mind and that too could be said of religion and tribalism. It is an enslavement of the heart solemnly preoccupied by hatred and innate jealousy. This could be probably due to the battle of supremacy on the side of the perpetrators of this heinous crime which is often anchored by complexity.

A friend once said "what is the difference between racism abroad and tribalism at home? That is where this piece comes to play.

In as much as I condemn the brutally meted on Flyod before he let out his last breathe, I would love us to reflect on our own sense of practice.

Tribal subjugation is a related thing to racism. The difference is that, racism has a global acknowledgement where as, tribalism and religious bigotry does not, probably because the world is tired of our perpetual " man made wahala".

70% of jobs in Nigeria especially government jobs are not earned by merit but the x-factor referred to as godfatherism. People that are well placed in the society tends to always favour their own. Like a wounded lion, they usually pounce and hijack any job available and distribute it to their close associates either in church or mosque or their immediate community.

After the USA where the protest of the killing of Flyod has gain momentum, I think Nigeria too has done exceptionally well in condemning this menace especially on social media but it does not end there.

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We must as a matter of urgency purge the society of tribalism and religious bigotry because there is no difference between racism abroad and tribalism at home as earlier stated by Alfa Enejo M Victor.

Victor writes from Abuja.

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