Covid-19: Teacher in private Schools are dying due to non- payment of the monthly earnings


By Ibrahim Cosmos Ojomaje

The negative impacts of covid -19 on private schools employees
Since the discovery of this deadly pandemic, many private schools teachers in Nigeria have not been getting their monthly stipends since March.
The sufferings of these private school teachers in Nigeria calls for assistance in terms of laying down measures in which the schools across Nigeria can be reopened so as to continue to earn their living as they said no work no pay in the private sector of education.
At this point, the teachers in the private sector are asking the presidential task force to set up a committee to draft rules for the reopening of schools across Nigeria most especially those in the final years I.e pupils in basic six, all polytechnic & college of education/ health sciences and universities across Nigeria.
If we said schools should not be open, why should we open big commercial centres that are more deadly to the spreading of the covid-19.
This should be looked into as the staff in the private sectors are dying due to non- payment of the monthly earnings

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