Judgement by the Federal High Court of Nigeria sitting in Kogi state that ceded Ajaokuta, Lokoja and Kotonkarfi to Kogi East, a wakeup call to all the sons and daughters of Ebira land

The judgement by the Federal High Court of Nigeria sitting in Kogi state that ceded Ajaokuta, Lokoja and Kotonkarfi to Kogi East is a wake up call to all the sons and daughters of Ebira land, especially our traditional and political leaders.
I saw and feel the pains and anger in our respective hearts upon hearing the kangaroo judgement delivered by the court.
For me,we allowed this to happened, we sold our head long ago to purchased flowers.
Six years back when I got to know that the king of Ajaokuta is referred to as “Onu of Ajaokuta and that a place called Ohunene which was named after Adayi Ebira daughter that first resided in Ajaokuta was changed by the Igalas to Ofunene,I raised an alarm but nobody to echoed my voice.sad enough to also note that most of the successive Chairmen of Ajaokuta L.G.A are Igalas by tribe. I was startled and astonished. My greatest dismay was when I heard Igala said they also own Obajana.
Where were Ohinoyi of Ebira land,Ohindase of Okengwe,Asema Adavi and Oboobanyi of Ihima that an Igala man become a king on top our own land and our people? This is a shame of the highest other.this can never happen in Igala land.
The hard truth is we had always considered Igalas as our brothers right from Adam while they see us an un-sagacious people.
According to history, Ebira leaved Idah for the Igalas and cross the river to settled at Ajaokuta when the Igalas as it’s imbedded in their DNA to be selfish and greedy in all they do, wanted to continue holding on to the ATTAH title that both tribe do rotate.this is the title that produced Attah Omadivi the first before Ebira people decided to have their own king,(Ohinoyi of Ebira land)
Ajaokuta, Lokoja and Kotonkarfi were all under old Kwara state why the Igalas were under Benue state,how come has those places suddenly become Old Benue state?
We craved for the creation of Kogi state but upon creation we invited sojourners to ruled us.as if that was not enough stupidity from the Leaders of Ebiras then.
Local government were created and out of 21 local governments Only 4 were given to Ebira people, nobody protested it.now they wanted to take one out the 4 local government why are we fuming now?
Where were our leaders when they did all of the aforementioned? Where were they when late Audu moved the equipments from our Hospital and our College of health to his village?
Almost all the Higher institutions in Kogi state were situated in Kogi East and West .up till date Ebira people has no single University or polytechnic.
The previous census before 2006 shows that Ebira people are more populated in Kogi state. currently even Okun people are said to be more populated than Ebira,as such they were more employed into the Kogi civil service than the Ebiras.All the former Governors of Kogi state gave more political positions to the Okuns than the Ebiras,few among sonorous of injustice these set of greedy people has inflicted on Ebira people.
I don’t think am the only person that knows all these injustice and atrocities were committed against Anebira.instead of fighting for our rights long before now,our vision less leaders,leaders that can’t expressed themselves in public let alone of speaking for the people they were representing, Bought guns and Ammunitions for our youths to be killing each other for same people that see us as fools and their slaves.I hope we have seen the effect of electing thugs into exotic political offices when we have educated and well exposed sons and daughters that can represent us well anywhere in the world.
We Ebiras are only good in killing,criticising,rubbishing and destroying each others, when it between we and outsiders, we became weak,powerless and a puppets.
Dear Anebira,the time has come to correct all the wrongs in the past. This is the time to know who the real owners of Kogi state are and who are the sojourners.Be it legally,dialogue or violently, it time we liberate ourselves or we remain enslaved in our own ancestral land forever.

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