The Oba of Benin should stay out of politics - Ugo Egbujo



By Dr Ugo Egbujo

That way the reverence everybody has for that institution will be maintained.

He shouldn't make any political statements that can be misinterpreted now.

If he didnt say a word when the house of assembly was emasculated, then he doesn't need to say any now.

Other traditional institutions that have dabbled into politics have come out demystified.

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The oba must resist the temptation to say anything apart from suing for peace, law and order.

Let him place a curse on those who will seek to inhibit freedom or bring violence into the state.

Let him place a curse on those seeking to obstruct primaries by illegitimate means

Let him place a curse of those threatening others with violence

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Let him place a curse on thugs.

Let him place a curse on those who will use State finances to prosecute campaigns and elections.

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