Free Toto - Umaisha Road From Bandits, An Ppen Letter to the Chairman - Toto Local Government Council



Abubakar Adamu Tanko - Mairabo.
June 20th, 2020.

My recent call was how individuals can secure their one's self in his/her personal home against kidnapping activities, here the gesture should be corroborated by the government in securing the lives facing danger in our road.

Toto - Umaisha road is now a death trap where gunmen carries out their atrocities freely and on a broad daylight without any repulsive attack by the so called security personnel being spotted along the axis.
This is perturbing, callous and unprofessional from the angle of the armies.

Is the sole responsibility of the government to protect the lives and property of the masses which serves as the prerequisites in governance.
This was also the core mantra of all the candidates during the electioneering.
The perceived might, courage and pride of any political seat seeker that promised Heaven and Earth on security is all about military apparatus or dynamism. This is the only stratagem means that would curb, halt any criminality as supposed and this means has been deviced already by the government of the day by spotting propitious numbers of armies in the vicinity.

To me, the armies failed us and not the government, unless if one wants the president and the cabinet to leave Aso Rock to lead the fight on the road.

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President cannot invite the CIA to fight banditry on our roads, it's still the job of our armies.
I emphatically repeated, the Armies failed the people of Toto Local Government.

For days now before this OPEN LETTER, Toto - Umaisha road was on lockdown on a measure to draw the attention of the government to the lingering security rupture on this road. This has a lethal economic effect that will translate negatively in the lives of these communities.

The government has earnestly done well but a lot is needed interms of command and esprit de corps to finally shove the criminals and to get rid of criminality from this geographical location.
It is not within my discretion to ask the government to oust the armies from this location but it's our call that the services of our local security outfit be employed and upgraded in order to permanently dislodge, neutralise the power of these devilish entity (Bandits).

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We call on the office of the Executive Chairman of Toto Local Government in person of Hon. Nuhu Adamu Dauda to for the sake of humanity, posterity and to set record straight in history, employ the services of our "Vigilante Group" in this road for watch over.

We have 40 - 42km from Toto to Umaisha, the vigilante security outfit should be at every point of 5km interval from Toto to Umaisha.
These men should be placed on monthly salary beyond National Minimum Wage.
It is not within my purview to allocates the numbers of men to be on each point, that is left for the security experts to deliberate during the security get-together.
These are indigenous bodies who understands more about the terrain and likely to study the threshold of these criminals.
The wisdom behind the 5km point is to perceive any drop of gunshot between the interval for trace and prompt liberation.

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If this is achieved, the road will be ceded back to the commuters once again for normal economic activities.

This call is paramount, this call is urgent and this call is a must do.

We applaud the effort taken so far by the chairman and government at all level, we are not demeaning the tactics flaunted by the security outfits but a step-up and change in tactics is required.

May GOD return normalcy to Toto Local Government Council and Nigeria at large.

Long live Umaisha.
Long live Toto LG.
Long live Nas/State.
Long live Nigeria.

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