Homemade pregnancy tests to try!!!


Whether you’re pregnant or you think you’re pregnant test strips are still the best things to use cause it’s easy and also accurate.

But if you’re at home and you seek secrecy then this is for you!!!

You could actually run a pregnancy test in the comfort of your home without stress…

So this are some tested and proven ways of confirming pregnancy from the comfort of your home ;

  1. Bleach ( Detergent) pregnancy test;

This method is said to give the most accurate and quicker result than any other method.

Take a clean container and collect urine in it. Now add some bleaching powder to it and mix it properly to avoid lumps. If the mixture forms a foam or fizz, it means you are pregnant and if there is no foam, you are not pregnant.

2. Sugar Pregnancy Test;

The easiest of all tests, this method was most widely used when there were no scientific pregnancy kits available.

Take one tablespoon of sugar in a bowl and add one tablespoon of urine to it. Now notice how sugar reacts after you pour urine on it. If the sugar starts forming clumps, it means you are pregnant and if the sugar dissolves quickly, it means you are not pregnant. 

The hCG hormone released from the urine does not allow the sugar to dissolve properly.

3. Toothpaste pregnancy test;

For this you need a white toothpaste like Colgate;

Take two tablespoons of toothpaste in the bowl, add a tablespoon of the collected urine sample. Wait and observe.

If you’re pregnant the urine will turn blue and it will be frothy like removing some kind of bubble.

If you’re not pregnant then it’ll remain the way it is .

4. Soap pregnancy test;

Place the soap in the bowl, pour two tablespoons of urine on the soap and observe.

If bubbles starts to come out and it begins to froth then you’re likely pregnant

If you’re not pregnant nothing will happen

5. Shampoo pregnancy test;

Put two drops of shampoo in a clean bowl, add some water to form a soapy solution, and whisk gently to avoid foaming. Now add a few drops of the collected urine and observe.

If the shampoo begins to remove bubbles then you’re likely pregnant
If you’re not pregnant then nothing will happen.
6. Dettol pregnancy test;

Pour one tablespoon of Dettol into the glass, add 3 tablespoons of urine such that Dettol and urine are in the ratio of 1:3.. Sit back and observe for five to seven minutes.

If the urine separates from the dettol to form a different layer then you’re pregnant
If the solution mixes together and it’s not separated then you’re not pregnant .
7. Salt pregnancy test

Pour some urine sample into the glass, add a pinch or two of salt, and observe for at least three minutes.

If the salt reacts with the urine, you will observe creamy white clumps being formed; this is a definite sign of pregnancy.

If it doesn’t then you’re not pregnant

This are 7 ways you could confirm pregnancy from the comfort of your home .

Tell me if you’ve ever used any or if this worked for you in the comment section💋

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