The effectiveness of E learning



    The pandemic going on world wide has made education very difficult in institutions and making learning difficult, till the emergence of e learning the Federal ministry of education headed by Mallam Adamu Adamu has mandated its commencement in yeti art education and then also in primary and secondary education but the question now is that has it succeeded in this institutions?

              The emergence of E-learning is actually the best thing that has happened in a long while  ,In spite of the constant innovative approaches adopted by teachers in western world, traditional approaches to teaching and assessments in Nigeria tertiary institutions have constantly been practiced. Most institutions are not able to fully utilize e-learning or get full advantages of it. 

        Even though some tertiary educations have come up with their own way of learning online some have even written exams, but some haven’t.

   Example of schools that have embraced this way of learning are Caleb, Bowen and the rest and this are all private Universities.    

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     Federal universities on the other hand have not made any provisions neither do they have any dream of organizing one. This has affected students a lot especially law students in various federal universities.

       A student of OOU said “they don’t even have any hope of opening one that even their website isn’t working how do they expect them to start e learning”.

   Some form of learning going on now are even organized by the students themselves going on on WhatsApp or telegram.

        In tertiary educations e-learning has become nearly impossible.

      Edit ikon a student in UNICAL, said that no provisions has been made and even thought they are made available students are not concerned cause they won’t even concentrate .


      Some reasons why e-learning are not possible is some schools are as follows: 

  1. No data: Some students are complaining that because they are not going to school they don’t have money to afford data for their phones and as such they can’t even attend the classes going on on WhatsApp.

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              Adams Stella a student of Delsu said “ she doesn’t have money for anything going on online, she even expressed her nonchalance to it saying it’s not necessary.

  1. Some complain that e-learning won’t be possible because most of the students don’t have android phones to enable them learn online .

               David Chima a student of Abia state university said “he doesn’t have a phone that has an internet connection neither does he has a laptop that he could access so e-learning won’t be possible “

     Also Bisola Akindapo a student in tai solarin university said” she doesn’t have a phone so how would she be able to access the website.

      E-learning is actually a nice good way of learning but some students express their unconcern some even say school would soon resume so they want to enjoy the holiday.

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       According to all this research from different schools in Nigeria most students are so reluctant in pursuing this system, some even think it’s a waste of time,some say they won’t be able to buy enough data to pursue this even though it’s a good system.

       So far private universities are better off cause they’re the only ones that have pursued this system and have succeeded in pertaking in this system.

      Gabriel Matthew a student to Caleb university said” they’ve started lectures and have even written exams all this were done online.

    All this were made possible cause they have enough resources to adopt this system of learning.


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