Facebook : Lady calls out giveaway couple who are owing her from their wedding

Lady calls out giveaway couple over unpaid debts

Facebook : Lady calls out giveaway couple who are owing her from their wedding

A lady who goes by the name, Chioma Onedibe, aka Fruits Queen, has called out a couple, Mrs. Purity Eze Toms and her husband to pay her for service she rendered to them at their wedding.

Miss Chioma Onedibe is a fruit service vendor based in Lagos.

On the 31st of December 2018, she journeyed to Enugu for the traditional and white wedding of the couple, to offer them her services which their guest enjoyed.

According to her, getting the payment for that job has been a war for over 2 years.

Recently, the couple who took some maternity shots has pledged to pay influencers who trend their maternity shot on social media.

“Please help me tell them to pay me my money with them on the 31st night 2018/2019.

They made me cry on a new year after they ran away to another hotel after their wedding cos they’re fake faker fakest”

She further revealed that the couple paid the security to throw her and her workers out of the hotel, but swore not to pay her.

Even the owner of the hotel begged them to pay her yet they refused and went out to continue grooving. According to Miss Chioma,

“The manager of the hotel asked me to take them to court.

I cried through the night till the new year, because it was a journey from Lagos to Enugu which I covered their traditional marriage and wedding with my Fruity services business and they enjoyed the service as well as their guests.


I gave them the best service ever because I thought they are real”

She has decided to call them out now after noticing the couple posted a picture of their maternity shots and promise to pay people N10,000 to help them trend their maternity shots.

“I think since they are now so rich, and giving away to go viral, they should also pay me for my hard work.

That money is small but I want it paid by Purity Eze Toms.

I have every claim, their both mothers and everyone has asked them to pay me off but Purity Eze Toms said I am too small.

Purity Eze you have my account details and your mother in law too, so you know what to do.

Someone should still share with them.”

We tried reaching out to Mrs. Purity Eze to get her own side of the story but we noticed that she deactivated her Facebook account this morning.

Credit: AnaedoOnline

Facebook : Lady calls out giveaway couple who are owing her from their wedding

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