2020 WAEC Cancelation: No Amount of Money Can Repay This Children Missed Time — By Jones



For me, it would have been more sensible to allow students write their final exams than to allow elections to hold.
While we can invoke emergency options in States where elections can't hold, no amount of money can repay these children for their missed time in their educational and life pursuits.

This idea says a lot about our priorities in this part of the world. We prefer to hold below fair and least democratic elections, to, at most times coronate criminals, than take needed steps to safeguard our future, by going the extra miles to ensure that our children miss nothing in their development. Unfortunately, we have cleared every doubts that; if left between protecting our children's future and protecting our political interests, we wouldn't think twice before going for the latter.

I sympathize with our children and pray that there could be an immediate reversal of this badly thought out decision.

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