Opinion: Chief Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku; a spring of Hope — By Abdulkadir


Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku

By Abdulkadir Bin Abdulmalik

The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the free will to help others. Described by many as gentle, generous, humble, trustworthy, extremely loyal and down-to-earth, is Chief Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku a leader to watch as a model beyond our convoluted bigotry and fault lines that our parochial leaders have continued to weaponize. No doubt, he displayed high and esteemed leadership qualities which endeared to the people of the state.

Indeed, he perfectly fits into the postulation by John C Maxwell when he said: “Success knows your purpose in life, growing maximum potential and sowing seeds that will benefit others. This is what Asuku is and he is doing it effortlessly. He has put the interests of the common man above partisan niceties and personal interests. He prioritise societal progress, set and uphold good norms, and discharge his duties responsibly and his input in the New Direction government and forethought are central to the success in the Administration of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello.

Asuku is thus, inspired to continue to serve humanity with all his resources, irrespective of the disappointments he faces. His gesture shows that Kogi only lacks good leaders because we have failed to assiduously search for them. He represents a ray of hope for a better tomorrow when Kogi state might rediscover a model of leadership that is no longer blinded by partisan, ethnic, religious, and clannish bigotry.

We hope the vicissitudes of politics do not derail him anyway because he has equally proven himself as a promise keeper with his strides in human development poverty alleviation, health care services, and youth empowerment which have been of prime importance to this adroit pharmacist.

No doubt he is redefining the quality of a leader in Kogi state, he has identify the potentials of the youth and he is exploring it for the greater good of the state. As a servant-leader he puts himself in the place of those below him and does his best to avert any harm or suffering from coming their way in his usual gesture of his health care services foundation.

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Asuku’s political will focuses on essential virtues that are necessary in running a selfless service, which is increasingly regarded as right to which people are entitled. The obvious fact is that this uncommon man strived and spent million of Naira on the numerous Kogites with health challenges as if that is not enough, he gave scholarship to many irrespective of tribe, religion, creed or race. When someone is truly a visionary and works all his life changing the course of history by venturing in humanity in implementing things that will improve people’s lives, they become immortals. May posterity be kind to this very uncommon man.

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