She Needs Our Advice:
My Brother-in-law Sends N200,000 To Me Every Month But Does Not Want Me To Tell My Husband.

My husband is a dismissed civil servant who was forced into retirement by the government. Since his forceful retirement things have not been the same with us anymore especially in this coronavirus period.

Josh who is my husband’s younger brother is in the United States. For some months now, he has been sending $600 (N200,000) to me and after sending it, he will tell me not to let my husband know about it that it is only meant for me to solve the needs of my family.

Josh is aware of our present predicament and wants to help, but telling me not to inform my husband after helping financially is a major concern.
To lay more emphasis so that you will be able to give me concrete advice, Josh was one of the guys I dated in school. We lost contact after our school days and when I had a re-connection with him on the day of my wedding when he came home to celebrate his brother on his wedding day.

On seeing him, we both agreed on keeping our past secret to ourselves without informing anyone, not even his brother who is my husband. Then he told me he still loves me but since I’m married to his brother, he is willing to give me up for him as he said that he lost contact with me because he travelled abroad.

My husband needs money to start up a business now and am at a loss on how to help him with the money the brother gives me. How would I help without letting my husband know the source of the funds?

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