Sandra Gold wrote on pastor ADEBOYE

Pastor Adeboye, a man who has been married to his wife for 50+ years shared what works for them but some misguided feminists who couldn’t keep a relationship for 6 months are urinating with their mouths on how wrong he is for sharing their experience.

This is the reason why you’ll see folks flood social media with their “loved up” pictures with different captivating headlines only to come back few months after to delete the pictures and demonize their supposed “love of their life” because they don’t know what it takes to keep a relationship.

Some thinks that once they’re graduates with some level of exposure that they should have opinion on the matters of the heart.

Others believed that once they have a good career and good things of life, they automatically know what it takes to keep a relationship

I just dey laugh because 50+ years marital experience is not what you can read in a book without experiencing it.

Instead of taping into the grace that kept a marriage for 50+ years and counting, you’re looking to join ụmụ efulefu to trend. Una think say, na selfie, painted face, flashy cars, etc dey keep marriage… Smh


Remember, what you celebrate, you attract and what you despise will be far from you.

May God bless all genuine married folks and give them the grace to experience real marital bliss in Jesus Name.

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