Nigeria chose to squander proceeds from “Oil Boom” era, thereby allowing citizenry to languish in abject penury – Lecturer

Lecturer, Eno Inyangetuk has reacted to on how Dubai a city in United Arab Amirate (UAE) who was a desert few years ago now turn to tourists center for whole world.

Inyangetuk who share the reaction on his Facebook wall, questioned what Nigeria use her oil money for?

He questioned that does it mean Nigeria decide to squander proceeds from “Oil Boom” era, and allow her citizens to languish in abject Penury?

He said “If Dubai (just a city in the United Arab Emirate) could achieve these gigantuan feats in so short a space of time, does it mean Nigeria had chosen to squander proceeds from the “Oil Boom” era, thereby allowing an astronomical proportion of the citizenry to languish in abject penury?”

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