Kogi State Govt Deport 78 Northern Beggars to Home of Origins


A total of 78 Beggars all from northern part of Nigeria extradited and will deported to their state of Origin by Kogi State Government.

Some of the beggars to be deported were the homeless and mentally challenged persons living in the streets of major city in Kogi State.

A cross section of the 78 beggarsfreshangleng

The extradited beggars were from five states in the North including Katsina, Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi and Zamfara.

Speaking to newsmen by Kogi State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajiya Fatima Buba, said the beggars were extradited from different parts of Lokoja metropolis including Zango, Ganaja Village, Obasanjo Square among others to the ministry’s rehabilitation centre where they will be transported back to their various home states.

Buba disclosed that the evacuation exercise was not discriminatory but to rid the streets of beggars roaming Lokoja metropolis.

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She further revealed that adequate arrangements had already in place ensure that the destitute were transported to their respective location with utmost respect and dignity.

She said, “The state government made adequate arrangements to ensure that they are transported to their respective locations with utmost respect and dignity. Before the government transported them back to their home states and local governments of origin with six buses, we took them first to the ministry rehabilitation centre, fed them and provided all the basic needs that will enable them to start a normal life like every other in the country.

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“This government is committed to cater to every citizen even though you are not from Kogi State. This action of ours should not be misconstrued. The government under the leadership of Alhaji Yahaya Bello remains committed to providing for the less privilege without any form of discrimination in the state.”

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