Saving lives of American citizens hurts American interests? —Putin

“Saving lives of American citizens hurts American interests? A very strange accusation from the US authorities against Russian specialists. The American authorities are really afraid of the Russian vaccine. But only in the sense that it will take over the market. This, as they say in American movies about gangsters, is “just business and nothing personal”.
But then the American monopolists need to prepare for a struggle in the pharmaceutical market and an inevitable defeat: Russian scientists have already announced that they will soon release a vaccine that protects against both coronavirus and seasonal flu. And with no sanctions, the saving of people’s lives can’t be stopped. When it comes to people’s lives, Russia, unlike American partners, is guided solely by humanism: the Russians have already saved the world from ebola, polio, measles and other diseases. And this time we will save everyone from coronavirus🤗” putin

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