FFK: When Daily Trust supposed to talk on killings, rape, kidnapping, drug addictions, hunger in Arewa - By George




"The fact is that some of the uproar over the Sadaukin Shinkafi's (Chief Femi Fani-Kayode) berating of a journalist hasn't got much or anything to do with the incident in Calabar.

FFK has been a man some people felt tormented them over the years on social media, especially Buharists and Arewa supremacists, Southerners with inferiority complex who hated FFK for tackling their paymasters and people with inferiority complex who get all heated up when they see people who are privileged defend themselves against attack by saying they are privileged and cannot do this or that because they are privileged or brag about being privileged.

When I saw the outcry in Arewa over FFK's arrogance, I was just laughing. It has nothing to do with journalist. After all FFK apologized. But I know the horde would not let go.

They must have their way. However, when Daily Trust published that scathing article, even though very childish, calling FFK and drug addict and all, I wasn't surprised. Daily Trust newspaper is a pro-Arewa and pro-Islamic newspaper with some of the characters working there into deep into Arewa supremacy ideal. FFK infuriates them.

So when a newspaper is supposed to talk about serious things happening in Arewa, killings which has become part and parcel of Arewa culture, rape, kidnapping, Almajiri problems, drug addictions, hunger, refugees…, they all gathered, their columnists inclusive, to feast on FFK which they have always hated and looking for opportunity to attack, to the detriment of the brand of Daily Trust newspaper".

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(George Onmonya Daniel)


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