Talk Zone: Kogi State Gov. Bello Stop visiting His father, President Buhari, or what is happening?

The Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello has stop visiting President Muhammad Buhari as he use to, on his first term, and when he was seeking for second term reelection.

The governor who often before now described President Muhammad Buhari as his father, Contribute massively for president Buhari to obtain second team nomination form.

When Bello pick form and was nominated as APC candidate for Kogi governorship election in 2019, he went to Aso Vila to give Buhari detail of his move.

Before now Bello can’t stay a month without visiting President Buhari.

But all of this has stopped, he no longer visit the president, nor go with their ideology.

One of the major break through is the issue of Covid-19 and terrorist.

When federal government is fueling and promoting the existence of covid-19, Yahaya Bello Kick against it. He publicly come out to say covid-19 is politically motivated.

As such he declare his state as covid-19 free.

Another stance, was the issue of terrorist, when federal government is rehabilitating and reintegrating boko Haram members into the society, governor Yahaya Bello kick against the idea and said they didn’t negotiate with terrorist.

The governor who can stop visiting president for any little political achievement in his life, didn’t visit President Buhari when was recently declare winner of Kogi governorship election by the supreme court.

Now the question is, what is going now with Mr President and Kogi Governor Yahaya Bello, are the still Sons and Father?

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