As Kogi Is Submerged, He Was Far Away Partying - The Dark Tale Of An Insensitive State Governor



By Austeen Anibe Otene

An irresponsible father is one who goes to the bar drinking while his house is gutted in fire while an irresponsible child is that child who celebrates the irresponsible act of his irresponsible father even as their house burns down.

Having said that, it is so shameful, uncivilised, nonsensical, and pitiful for the Kogi State Governor to be seen dancing in a political rally while Kogi, a State under his watch is being submerged in flood.

What does not appeal to me is that some clowns are trying to make a case for Yahaya Bello asking if is he, Yahaya Bello was responsible for the flood? Some even ask such empty questions as "didn't the State experience flooding under previous Governors"?

Such comments can only come from people with poor, and shallow thinking. So, since Bello already know that the State capital encounters such challenges, should that not be his primary focus vis-a-vis Education and Healthcare?

Unfortunately, this man is not always available when the State needs his attention. Last week while the State was gutted in fire, like a stranger, he was in his luxury in Abuja sending condolence messages. Today, the State is submerged in flood, he is seen on a roof top of a car dancing like a child over a campaign that means nothing to Kogites.

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Yahaya Bello is nothing but a careless, and inconsiderate fellow lacking in empathy. The millions in dollars collected by Yahaya Bello as ecological funds was used for what if I may ask his wayward sycophants? What measures has the State Government put in place to provide relief and support to victims of this natural disaster? Who is liaising with the Federal Government to come to the rescue of the citizens of the State? Who will when who should is busy with work no pay job in Ondo State.

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Yahaya Bello no doubt is a reference to when leadership fails in Nigeria.

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