Joe Biden Wins Most Votes in U.S. Election History, But Still Might Lose

You win some, you lose some, but in US politics you can win and lose the same thing.

Joe Biden

With several states still to be counted, Joe Biden has already secured the highest number of votes in US presidential election history. But he still might lose to Donald Trump.

According to Associated Press, Biden has a running total of 69,629,972, already surpassing the 69,498,516 Barack Obama won in 2008 with Biden as running mate. This due in part to potentially the US’s highest ever voter turnout.

The race for the White House, however, remains very much in the balance, with some key states too close to call and Trump, who trails by around 2.5 million votes, claiming victory and threatening to go to court if he isn’t declared the winner.

This is because the country’s electoral college allots a certain number of ‘votes’ per state, rather than having a straightforward contest where the most votes wins.

Trump famously beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election despite getting three million fewer votes.

Isn’t democracy fun?‪

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