Nnamdi Kanu Reply Governor Wike for saying his not an Igbo Man



The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu reply to this headlines "I'm not igbo man, I'm a Niger Delta Man, even if you convince me that I'm Igbo I will not accept because Nigeria constitution says I'm not igbo. ~ Wike" credited to Wike, by saying:

"And he is supposed to be a lawyer. Sometimes education in Nigeria can be a curse. Wike, you are a Niger Delta man indeed and if I may ask what was your father and his father before him? Are you not older than Niger Delta and if that is the case, who were you before your adopted slave name?

I weep for the sycophantic morons that still ignorantly refer to you as a human being. Fulani Janjaweed may be as dumb as their diseased cattle but at least when it comes to selecting certified idiots to occupy political offices in the South, they are excellent at it."

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