ENDSARS: Protests Have Just Started, No Going Back says Dokpesi


Barely 24hours, after CNN exposed Nigeria Army on intentionally killings of #EndSars protesters at Lekki Toll Gate.

DAAR Communications Plc Founder/Emeritus-Chairman High Chief Raymond Dokpesi in his own view, has warned
the Federal Government to brace up for more #ENDSARS protests.

“A lot of impunity has happened in a very recent time. Nigeria has never been as divided as it is today. People have lost faith and confidence in the
ability of Nigeria to remain as one united country.

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“So, the time is fast approaching but we pray that God will raise a crop of Nigerians, who still believe
strongly in the unity, progress and development of this country.

“Those who can sacrifice because the people who are supposed to be our servants – public servants,
civil servants – have become our public masters.

“Until we re-orientate the people that public service is service to our people, that we are in the office to
contribute to the well-being and good of our country, then, the #EndSARS has just started. It has emboldened quite a lot of people. There is nothing
to be hidden anymore,” he said.

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He alleged the protests were peaceful until some forces in the government sponsored hoodlums to attack them.

“The #EndSARS protest started in a quiet
and proper manner. It was an effort of overzealous elements of the government that went to recruit hoodlums to overtake the legitimate protest
organised by those that are graduates and well educated that led to the crisis.

“When the protest started, nobody saw any gun; nobody saw anything until an effort was made to quell it. In Abuja where I was, we saw trucks of people they brought in, uneducated to overpower the educated.

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“Those people carried cutlasses and sticks and that was the beginning of it. If they had not brought in the hoodlums, it’s possible we would have had a peaceful protest.”

He warned that as a parent, he was ready come out to challenge the government to release the protesters



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