Expert speak on symptoms and measures to curb TB



Elvis Igbinovia, a specialist general practitioner says Tuberculosis is a serious but treatable and curable infectious disease that predominantly affects the lungs but which can affect other parts of the body.

Speaking further,he said Tuberculosis is caused by a germ called mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is an airborne disease transmitted from person to person. Infection occurs after inhaling germ-laden droplets that have been released into the air from coughing, sneezing and even singing. The germs are drawn into the lungs where they settle. From the lungs, they sometimes migrate via the bloodstream to other parts of the body.

He said overcrowding, poor ventilation, air pollution, including pollution from vehicular and factory effluents, fumes from burning biofuels like firewood and cigarette smoke are factors that increase the risk of the disease.

Elvis says the common symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis are cough, which can sometimes involve coughing blood up, chest pain, difficulty with breathing, loss of appetite, unintentional loss of weight, drenching night sweats, fever and fatigue. When it affects other parts of the body, it can cause headache, back pain (when the backbone is affected), bloody urine (when the kidneys are affected).

He urges everyone to catch their droplets in face towel and make washing of hands an habit.
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