Safe Period to Have intercourse Without Getting Pregnant?


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Many ladies don’t know when to have sex with their love once without getting pregnant and many men don’t know when to meet their women without impregnating her.

The questions is this, “Due We have Safe Period to Have intercourse Without Getting Pregnant?”.

The answer is no, and yes. It is no because women don’t have the same menstrual circle, and is yes because their is actually a safe period for women who can calculate their ovulation period.


Ovulation is monthly gestation for female when mature eggs are released from Ovary waiting for sperm to form zygote.

This period, women who are not circumcise feel strong urge for sex. It often lasted for four days.

At this period of ovulation, if woman had sexual intercourse with fertile male, she will get pregnant.

But when no sex took place the eggs will be shade away from the body that is what is called period, which woman loose little blood every month.

After the period, the body will be prepared to receive another new eggs.

Interval Between Menstrual Circle and Ovulation

After Ovulation, women is prepared for another menstrual period.

Or after menstrual period, woman is prepared for another ovulation.

The interval between menstrual period and ovulation varies within women.

For those women who have 30 days menstrual period, their ovulation is 14 days after menstrual period.

While those whose menstrual circle is 28 days, their ovulation is 12 days interval.

The best time to get your menstrual interval correct is to calculate your menstrual circle.

What is the safe Period to Have Sex without getting Pregnant?

With explanation above, you can calculate the safest period to have sex without getting pregnant.

Having Sex before your menstrual period begin is one of the safe period of not getting pregnant.

Sperm usually spend five days in the wombs before it die off.

Having sex five days to your ovulation can get you pregnant.

Having sex during your ovulation can get you pregnant.

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