Donald Trump: You Have Divided America, and will not Get Over this Successfully


Donald Trump…
You’ve been stroking this violence but no one thought you’ll go this far. Which explains why the police at the Capitol didn’t see a need to fortify security before the certification process began. They underestimated your lunacy not knowing it’s evolved into chronic insanity.

I knew and many of us know that you’re unhinged…but those who just can’t face the truth will rationalize every animalistic instinct driving your entitled idiocy. Many of them following you blindly and with misguided “moralities”.

Now, world leaders are issuing statements urging you to respect democracy, shamefully including Turkey and Iran.
This is how far you have sunk America, to the delight of your fellow rogues like Putin and Kim Jong-Un.

The tragedy is, America will not get over this. You’ve divided the nation successfully and it’s pieces will be hard to cement.

You did this in cahoots with fellow lowlifes like you, Sidney Powell, Rudi Giuliani, inordinately ambitious Josh Hawley and your despicably entitled children led by Trump Junior.

You did this sending over 300,000 to the grave through disgusting mismanagement of COVID-19 as you won’t listen to experts’ advice in your desperation for re-election. Yesterday, you added 5 more souls to the casualty list as you set fire on the Capitol. Because you lost election, you chose to burn your nation.

Now you’re promising an “orderly “transition”?
NO WAY! You’re mentally unfit to lead America, even as you have two weeks left to damage the world.

Nothing will assuage the pains and restore respect to America’s democracy than for Mike Pence TO INVOKE THE 25th AMENDMENT AND REMOVE YOU FROM POWER.

You and your fellow gangsters down here should begin your walk into a long dark night! SHAME ON YOU, “DOTARD” TRUMP!
Credit :Akin Fadeyi

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