The Letter Professionals of Nigerian Descent in America wrote to US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken on Killer Herdsmen


Dear Secretary of State Antony Blinken,


Congratulations on your recent appointment.
We are professionals of Nigerian descent in the US, American and other friends of Nigeria from around the world. We had cause to engage with your predecessors on issues of concern in US-Nigeria bilateral relations and policy.

We are deeply saddened to inform you that a Nigerian American who visited Nigeria over the New Year holiday was murdered as he headed back to America.

Georgia-based Dennis Aduba was reportedly abducted for ransom on the way to catch his Lagos-Atlanta Delta Flight by the notorious Fulani Herdsmen militia.
Despite the payment of a ransom, Dennis Aduba was still brutally murdered a few days ago.
Secretary Blinken, the existential threat that the situation in Nigeria presents, of which the vicious Herdsmen militia’s atrocities are just a part, cannot be overemphasized.
It goes far beyond threats to the subregion.
Below are just a few instances of direct threats posed by Fulani militia to American and western allies:

  1. In 2017, the first US military casualties in West Africa were caused by a Fulani terrorist who killed four US Green Berets in the nation of Niger in an ambush using cows. They were Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, 35; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, 39; Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, 29 and Sgt. La David Johnson, 25.
  2. Also in 2017, two German Archeologists were abducted by Fulani Herdsmen in Kaduna state, Nigeria.
  3. In 2018, four American and Canadian citizens were abducted in Nigeria’s Kaduna state by a Fulani group and only released for a ransom
  4. In 2019, A British Aidworker Faye Mooney who worked for America Humanitarian organization Mercy Corp was killed in Kaduna State as a Fulani group attempted to abduct her.
  5. In 2020, barely three months ago, US Navy Seals rescued missionary Philip Walton from Nigeria where he was hidden by the Fulani group who abducted him in Niger.
  6. In 2021 already, Nigerian American Dennis Abuda was killed the same week three Chinesemen were also abducted in southern Nigeria.
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The international ramifications of these Fulani militia attacks pale in comparison to the systematic state-sanctioned murder and plunder Nigerians are going through.

Hordes of Fulani militia from across the region, crisscross international borders at will, descending on innocent Christian communities in north central and southern Nigeria and against non-Fulani Muslims and Christians in northwest Nigeria leaving a trail of death, destruction, rape, mass displacement and food shortage.

Tribal and religious tensions are at an all-time high with simultaneous protests across the south against occupation by Fulani marauders as the Fulani-dominated federal government condones and enables brazen impunity.
Like the US, Nigeria is a key continental power and strategic partner but also like the US, internal schisms and internecine conflict would be its greatest vulnerability and undoing.


  1. We urge you to elevate the situation in Nigeria to top priority for your administration to prevent another genocide 50 years after the horrific Biafra civil war.
  2. Two months ago, your predecessor acceded to our request and designated Nigeria a country of particular concern (CPC) for egregious religious persecution. However sanctions against Nigeria were waived.
    We urge the reversal of the waiver until the Fulani-dominated regime of Mjr Gen. Muhammadu Buhari shows appropriate care and concern for the safety and security of its citizens and foreign nationals who have been victimized by his tribesmen.
  3. Mr Secretary, the tired narrative that this is merely a contest over land by farmers and herders is debunked by all the instances of international victims listed above and should be retired. Climate change affects us all and it is no justification for the horrendous killings and displacement of thousands of people each year.
  4. We hope that you will make it a priority to visit Nigeria unlike your predecessor.
  5. We ask that you take this issue up with Nigeria’s incoming ambassador to the US, H.E. Uzoma Emenike
  6. We urge the US to elevate this issue at the UN Security Counsel.
  7. We also ask the US to urge its allies not to accept letters of credence from Nigeria’s retiring military chiefs who recently named ambassadors ostensibly to grant them immunity from war crimes.
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Thank you for your kind attention.

110 people signed this letter from across the US and the world. (Their names have been redacted for their privacy.)

People from the following 11 countries also signed:

South Africa
Burkina Faso

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