Sex in Relationship: what Can She offer?

By Hadiza Garba
Truth is bitter

If we Remove sex frm relationship u will discover that most of we ladies have nothing to offer in relationships….
Remove money frm a relationship and u will discover that over 90% won’t see a reason to be in a relationship…
we want our Men to take care of us but we add no value to their life other than sex and troubles …lets change our mindset, lets
Learn to be valuable in a relationship… lets pray for them while they are down… Motivate them to hustle harder..give them listening ears,lets give them reasonable advice,lets play a role of a mother in their life. As a woman when u suspect ur man is seeing another woman u have no right whatsoever to take his life, our Muslim men are entitled to marry 4, thus if they have the means, It is sunnah and any woman who doesn’t allow her husband or kill her husband because he want to marry has no imaan, and will have Allah to contend with. Let’s not be selfish, ladies are many that is why Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala asked the men to marry 4 so every woman will at least marry before she die. Stop killing our men, stop giving them slow poison.. #ASSALAAM.

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