She know my Husband is married, but continued telling him want carry his baby



Anonymous post:
Hi mothers, your advice is needed. My husband and I have been together for six years my first daughter will be five soon and am going to have another baby soon.
Since late last year have been noticing my husband he's always receiving some calls in my presence like am online now will reply your message now just trying to do something, it kept going on like that, late night calls late night chat which he's not doing before. Could you believe my husband was calling a woman beside me on the bed he thought I was sleeping so when I turned and sighed he hang up and left the room to continue his call. So this year January I voiced out cos I can't take it anymore the lady is always calling everytime including at night, That the Lady Will be asking my husband who's talking beside him so I was really mad That day and ask my husband who's always calling every time that one day am gonna pick the lady's call and insult her while my husband and I was arguing the lady kept calling so I was shouting and insulting them both the next thing my husband did was to slap me  We argued and argued he even chock me that day. Last month again I was outside talking to my husband the the lady call and he picked it the lady was asking who's talking beside him and my husband said it's his neighbor I got angry and left him.
Then I chatted the lady on fb not to disturb people's husband again she acted as if she doesn't know anything so we later insulted each other, I really insult her that she reported me to my husband.
It was yesterday I saw their chat my husband denied that we are not married that the lady should block me and we are not living together to my surprise it's not up to two weeks they met they started having sex without protection and my husband started have STI he even infected me with it, till now the lady know my husband is married but she kept disturbing and she was telling my husband she wanted to carry his baby. My husband promised her marriage
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