Chioma third Baby Mama of Davido Fights Him Over His Visit To Sophia Momodu’s House To See Imade, his daughter

What go around come around, big gist is about to be unravel between third baby mama (Chioma) of Nigerian award wining musicians Davido.

Recall that after Chioma “my love”, Music track Davido dedicated to her, the two lover go down swiftly with each other till she took in and give birth to a baby Boy for him.

Since the birth of the Boy, the lover bird were hardly seen together.

In a recent development dig out by

Controversial Instagram blogger, Cutie_Julls, it alleged that singer Davido’s third baby mama, Chioma Rowland had an altercation with Davido over his visit to his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu and their daughter, Imade.

According to Cutie Julls, Chioma does not like it anytime, Davido pays Imade a visit as Sophia will be present during his visit. She alleged that Chioma started having issues with his trend soon after she gave birth to their son, Ifeanyi and the OBO boss had to lie to Chioma just to see Imade.

Taking to her Instagram page, Cutie wrote;

“Our wife was getting angry and fighting David whenever he wants to go and see Imade David has proven he likes kpekus no 2 ways…See eehn, you all know the gist about the whole Sophie, Chioma and Davido right. Even Chi was sidechic when David and Sophie were together.. She only moved in after the whole drama abt Sophie’s pregnancy so Sophie moved out and Chi took over as main chic which is their business. So with all that, Chi was all cool. But soon after Ifeanyi was born, from legit source.. Chi started having issues when David wants to go see Imade. It wasn’t really about Imade but the whole thing about David going to see Imade where she lives with her mom, Sophie. That thing really stressed David. Like I have lie to go and see my own daughter cuz my woman feels my baby mama could have me again and all that mambo jambo. Our 2nd will be how Chioma lost her original engagement ring.  remember when we posted that the ring she had on wasn’t the original one and you all were bashing cutie to leave ppl alone and that it’s the same ring bla bla.. Abeg, go and look for those pics.. we will be back The gist plenty and sleep dey catch mama sha Abeg”

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