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My Love Story
It all started at the Faculty of Management Science where i was waiting to see My Lecturer only for me to see this young,tall and beautiful damsel with my Neigbor( i was like ahhhh this one go click wella), Funny enough my intention was just to do the normal School stuff with her oooo, Fast forward, I told my neigbor who was her bestfriend(Zaram) say babe i like this your friend link us up na, Zaram as a watsup babe did the needful, she invited her to our Lodge stylishly told her someon wants to see her, as fast guy i entered her room, started talking with her, she was responding as if i have gotten her attention, me not knowing the girl tough wella( no be small thing oooo).
I begged for her digit but she refused ooo for so long not until i told her it was easy for me to get her Number from her friend that was when she gave me the contact.
Fast forward to we started seeing each other as friends , Omo the girl no gree say we go date ooo, sometimes when i visit immediately she sees me, she will just japa tell her lodge mate to tell me she is not around( imagine the Insult a whole me Jordi alba ahhhh alili) i kept on insisting untill she stopped.
One i asked her if i could sleep over after she has finally accepted to be my gf on my birthday which i Zaram tricked her to come because it was also Zaram's birthday(this girl make me do so much ooo)that was on 6th of June 2014. So i slept in her room that night thinking something would occur ooo but no show for me rather as early as 5.30 she woke me up and said" you have to start getting ready for Morning mass" oh my God(i never attend Sunday mas finish na Morning Mass) because i wanted something from i agreed ooo, people who saw me that day were all surprised oooo but the honest truth from that moment i began a new life which i loved so much. Because of this Lady i graduated with my set that was because she forced and explained my last seminar as a final year to me(If na book she dey try)and am so grateful for that if not me and Efcc for they fight now.
I went for service, because of love i will leave Ogun state travel back to Anambra state without my people knowing, and we continued like that, untill i was through with service. I started searching for Job, she kept on encouraging me to just keep believing in myself that things will be better, that was when she asked me to join "Legio of Mary" and i learnt how to say my Rosary and i loved it, not long enough got myself something doing.

April 5th 2021, am taking this love to another level by making het my permanent Woman( i don tire to dey drag her with men wey get money🤣🤣🤣).
B thank you for standing by me all through this years, thank you for accepting me for whom i am, thank you for being patient with me up till this moment, thank you for completing me, thank for being part of my remaining journey of life.

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Join us as i say i do to my better half on April 5th 2021.

God bless the Union of DonBlizz

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