Social media provides a false world and a temporary escape to people suffering different pains and are insecure

Maybe not all, but certainly, a good number of married couples who literally share every smile they share, on social media, have deep cracks in their marriages that they try to hide from the public.

Few weeks before the news of the final collapse of FFK’s marriage with Precious broke in the internet, I am sure, there would be couples with far healthier unions who envied the cosmetic perfection of FFK’s marriage. Yet, the marriage was a furnace of depression.

Marriage has become a necessity for public relations rather than a union of love and responsibility. This is why some people would destroy the very fabrics of their marriage, which is trust, and yet desperately want to cling on to the marriage, not because they want to keep to the Biblical concept of marriage nor because they truly love their spouses, but because they want to prove to their relatives, friends and enemies that they can stay in marriage.

In the particular case between FFK and Precious, I support the young lady’s boldness in walking away, but disagree with her idea of bringing the children into public ridicule. There is no better way to show love to your children in this circumstance than taking the pains of not explaining anything about them, even though their serially irresponsible father has already gone to the media with unpleasant tales just to discredit you.

In whatever we do as adults who willingly got into marriage with someone we might as well have just had a fling with and moved on, we should consider the unending trauma these children may have to go through because of your utterances. Does Precious consider how her children would feel when their mates call them “cockroaches” in school, tomorrow? These things can’t be controlled anymore because it is already out here on social media and somehow it will be used against these innocent children.

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Break your marriages as much as you want, kill yourselves if you must, but leave these innocent children whom God brought into the world through you, out of your frustrations. They will eventually have their own troubles to contend with, don’t make them inherit the frustrations of your bad choices.

© Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

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