The Immediate Reversal/Reduction of KSU Acceptance Fee, the Power of Social Media


Before the Advent of Social media, so many abnormalities, Injustices and cheer wickedness perpetrated in the past were left unopposed due to lack of information dissemination and or immediate news spread to enable immediate rejection or opposition. Those autocratic decisions became standing laws leaving the concerned populace with no choice but align.

From the 20th century, not to talk of now the 21st century where the social networks spreads news with a jet speed should such abnormalities be allowed in the society. As shameful as the news of acceptance fee increment could be, other increments such as hostel accommodations and others that may not have seen the light of the day accompanied the most heard AF increment. This to me is uncalled for and an act of cheer wickedness and inhumanity of man to his fellow man.

KOGI STATE as a civil service state with an estimated 75% civil service population force and with the much speculation of percentage salary payment still in place, such decision should not have even crossed the minds of the power that be let alone implementation. When Mrs. O Tenuche was appointed as the first female Vice Chancellor of the Kogi State University (KSU), many of us celebrated her knowing her disciplinary character while we were in school and how she would bring back the lost KSU glory unknown to us would be used to generate income to weighted the pocket of the state’s hunger quest.

My profound appreciation to all concerned Kogites especially the social media soldiers and the students of KSU com PAAU for their decisive doggedness and prompt decision of a peaceful protest to show their dissatisfaction and total rejection of the acceptance fee hike and other increments yet unknown. It took that singular act and the social media influencer’s shadow power to revert and bring the echelons back to their senses.

God bless you all.
Adeboh Jonathan Smart


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