Igbos Must Ignore The Fed Govt Security Formation set up for A/East - Chidi Cali.



1) Maj-Gen Abubakar Maikobi (GOC, 82 Division, Nigerian Army).
2) Air Vice-Marshall Idi Amin (Air Officer Commanding).
3) Yusuf Ishaku (Director, DSS Anambra).
4) A. J. Ibrahim (Director, DSS Abia State).
5) H. E. Abdullah (Director, DSS Ebonyi).
6) B. Likinyo (Director, DSS Enugu).
7) Baba Tijani (AIG, Zone 9, Umuahia).
8]Awosola Awotinde (CP, Ebonyi State).
9) Ahmadu Abdulrahman (CP, Enugu State).
10) Rabiu Ladodo (CP, Imo State).

Out the 10 security officials involved in the meeting that set up a combined security for the 5 South East states, not a single Igbo security official was present or represented.


These 10 security officials are the same people that have looked elsewhere when the terrorist herdsmen attack or slaughter the locals, but take swift actions whenever there is a reprisal from the victims.

I am using this post to advise the South East governors and state Assemblies to quickly draft, pass and Sign the Bill for the formation of a LOCAL security outfit in form of Amotekun to stopped these apparent meticulously planned invasion of the South by these imported terrorists.

While I don’t want to waste my time on illegality of this meeting and membership, the Igbos must deploy everything in the book to protect their land against these Govt backed attackers.

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It is the right of every Nigerian to protect himself against any invasion and no security agency or the nepotistic Govt in Abuja can stop it.

If these security officials are serious in discharging their responsibilities why have there being no single arrest or prosecution of these killers?
It is either that they are part of killers (giving support) or instructed to do nothing to curtail their activities, therefore, they CANNOT be part of the solution. - Chidi Cali.

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