A sign to Known Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend will be Abusive Husband/Wife if You guys Married



Does your boyfriend get easily provoked? Does he have feats of rage? Do you easily see the anger in his eyes when he feels offended? Is he quick to issue threats ? These are warning signs that he could degenerate into an abusive husband when you finally tie the knot with him and move in together.

Guys! Is she quick to berate you when you make mistakes? Does she disrespect your family even in the slightest way? Does she nag excessively? These are warning signs she will subject you to emotional abuse and unchain the demons you thought you've successfully locked away.

If you're the short-tempered type, you may need guidance and counselling to work on yourself; and you do need to do alot of work on your temper if you want to be useful to yourself and to those who truly love you. However, the least thing you need in your life is a spouse that will keep frustrating any effort you're making to be a better person.

NB: Some people are just evil and you need to run away from them even if you're already married to them. Delay is dangerous!

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