Buhari And Terrorist Cabinet: I support Terrorist Like Al-Qaeda, Taliban not Boko Haram - Minister Pantami



Just few weeks ago, the Chairman of Nigeria's Code of Conduct Bureau was caught in a brawl with a security personnel attached to a market in Abuja. That incident is enough to earn him an immediate sack if we had a President who is alive to his environment and current happenings in the country. But, what happened next is worst as it should have made even a dead President wake up from death, sack the bigot, order for his prosecution, before going back to join his ancestors; this CCB chairman in his reaction to the embarrassing incidence at the mall, decided to bring in ethnic colouration in, by tagging the young men who sought to stop him from further molesting an innocent gateman, as Biafran Boys.

National Association of Seadogs and other responsible organizations in the country have had to remind the operators of the system that the CCB bigot has to be sacked with immediate effect, but the man at the helm doesn't seem to understand what's happening around him or he is clearing every doubt that he is a worst bigot who would do anything to cover the mess of his kinsmen and religious brethren.

While the anger over this is still brewing in the minds of good Nigerians, we got the stunning revelation that Issah Pantami, into whose care most of us had handed over our entire biometrics, is actually a terrorist sympathizer and it won't be completely surprising if evidences are found that he had actually been sponsoring terrorist attacks against fellow Nigerians. Many days after he openly owned up to statements praising the killing of people for not been Muslims, he is sitting comfy as Minister of Communications, still collating the data of over 200 Million people for possible transmission to some terrorist groups around the world.

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If Nigerians can tolerate the fact that we have a tribalist heading a major anti-corruption agency, then we should be really afraid about the potential harm that could befall all of us, especially, Christians, when all our data are in the hands of a self-confessed religious extremist and dangerous terrorist sympathiser. If the President is too comfortable with such a character in his government, then, we should equally be afraid of such a President.

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