Garba Shehu: Did Democratically elected President has a Monopoly of Dictatorship as Buhari is Dictating for Nigerians today?


It is no longer new that Nigerians are facing a lot of Security challenge which require the president to take a drastic actions to address.

The issues is not just Nigerians are facing a Security challenge alone but also they Nigerians are being killed, economic of the country is going down, every day by day, peoples are being kidnapped, women’s are being raped by fulani herdsmen, farmers could no longer go to their farm, the Country is in the state of mess.

On several occasions Nigerians has come out to call for the resignation of the president, but anytime they speak the senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity Garba Shehu will come outside to say president Muhammad Buhari was elected democratically and he cannot resign or be impeached.

The question is this is it by Force to rule somebody that says you are not doing them well you should resign?

Another question we have for Garba Shehu this morning from Omokoshaban Talk Zone is, does it mean that a president is elected democratically has the Monopoly of dictating to his people in a democratic society?

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