Just Like Daniel Solomon Murder and Dismember for Sale in 2015, Iniubong Umoren case want to be covered up



If Daniel Solomon, a barber who was murdered in Itu Road Uyo, by his friend, Stephen Anona with his body parts dismembered for sale in 2015, could get justice, despite all attempts to kill the case from the Police to the Court, then, those responsible for the gruesome murder of Iniubong Umoren, 26-year-old orphan will face the consequences too.

Anona was sentenced to death by hanging by the Uyo High Court, the judgment was upheld by the Court of Appeal, Calabar and now at the Supreme Court.

Before the verdict, almost everything that happened in the barber's case is playing out in Iniubong Umoren's case and more to come in the Court.

First, Anona denied committing the act. He said he was in Onitsha when the incident occurred. Only for the Police to track him through phone and discovered he was in Uyo. From there, he confessed to the Police that he murdered the barber because he refused to pay his alleged N750,000 debt from the barber shop he gave him to operate.

Second, an old man who claimed to be an uncle to Anona was brought to the Court to lie that Anona was in his house in Onitsha when the incident occurred. But during cross examination in the Courtroom, the man pee inside clothes and the matter was adjourned and till the judgment day, he never showed up again.

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Third, an agent approached the wife of the barber who was the second prosecution witness and other witnesses and offered bribe to kill the matter, but failed.

Fourth, three different addresses were introduced as the scene of crime. While the Police in its report said, the incident occurred at 55, Itu Road, Uyo, the then accused person (Anona) said it was at 52, Itu Road, Uyo, while the landlord said the house he rented to Anona where the barber was murdered was opposite 52, Itu Road, Uyo.

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Fifth, the confusion prompted the State Counsel to apply that the Court should visit the scene of crime to know where exactly Anona lived and where the incident occurred. The Defense Counsel objected, arguing that the building (a family compound) may have been shifted and that the accused may forgot where he lived since the incident occurred two years ago.

Sixth, tendering of evidence. Almost all the evidence tendered were objected by the Defense Counsel. From the confessional statement to the Police, photographs of the deceased to the matchete used in committing the act. In one breath, the accused denied ever knowing the barber and in another, he said the owed him and refused to pay back.

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There were lots of drama and adjournments for three good years in the Court. But in the end, justice was served.

I have absolute confidence in the fearless and incorruptible Judges of Akwa Ibom State High Court, the prosecution team in the State Ministry of Justice and the Court as the last hope of the common man.

Though, it may take time cos of our criminal justice system, justice delayed is not justice denied. The blood of Iniubong Umoren will continue to cry for vengeance.


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