Talk Zone: Can you Count How Many Time Boko Haram leader, Shekau Has Been Declared Dead, He later Show Face?


Another news about the death of boko Haram leader Abubakar shekau is currently trending on social media.

Abubakar shekau who is the leader of boko Haram terrorists, he took over the leadership in 2009 when the original founder of the terrorist group, Ahmed Yusuf was killed by Nigerian police.

Since he assume the leaderships of the terrorist group, Nigerian army has claimed to have killed him five times.

Anytime the news of his death hit online,he always come outside few days after the news to debunked the rumours say that he is still alive.

In 2019, late Chadian president Idris Debby claim to have killed Abubakar shekau, but few days after the news, Shekau show face online say he still alive: he even threatened to deal with the President.

Today the news of his dead, again has hit online.

At this time around the news claimed that he was killed by his rival group, Islamic Province for West Africa (ISWAP).

The group split in 2016 over leadership tussle.

ISWAP who is headed by the son of the founder of boko Haram group, Ahmad Yusuf pledge allegiance to (ISIS).

Since then the group has been on leadership tussle till today which the news of his death hit online.

According to the news, Abubakar shekau allegedly committed suicide after the other group which is the ISWAP captured him in sambisa Forest.

The news also claim that many leaders of ISWAP were also killed from the suicide bomb of Abubakar shekau.

The question is, How Many Time can you Remember Abubakar Shekau has been pronounced dead?

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