Would Hope Uzodimma have condemned IPOB activities if He wasn't Governor?




The truth is that while I am earnestly advocating for all Imo elites to rally round Governor Hope Uzodimma to help him rein in the rampaging criminality of these terrorists trying to overrun the State, it is not also lost on me that the same Hope Uzodimma would have most likely been enjoying his Crystal champagne in his Abuja mansion without as much as uttering a single word in support of the people of the State had someone else been the governor this time around. So, my insistence that all our political leaders should forget their political differences and unite to defeat this raging dragon of terrorism, I am not being sympathetic to Governor Uzodimma, but with the people. Had these attacks just being targeted against him, I may have as well looked the other way, because evidences abound that he was among those that fed the monster that is Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB to what it is today.

During Nnamdi Kanu's first and most ill-advised incarceration and subsequent release from prison, there is not a single evidence anywhere that Senator Uzodimma made any interventions to call MNK and his people to order, rather, Uzodimma was all smiles as he joined other Southeast Senators to take pictures with MNK when he was released from prison. To be sure, Uzodimma was not just a Senator at the time, but the Chairman of the Southern Senators' Forum. He was influential as a lawmaker and had he desired for the greater good of Igbo land, would have made efforts to redirect Nnamdi Kanu and his group from any form of violence or civil disruption to peaceful and more legal procedures in pursuing their agenda.

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When Nnamdi Kanu came on a provocative rally to Owerri, it took the wisdom of the then governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, to avert what would have been a major crisis. Hope Uzodimma was a Senator then and while I am sure that he never made any public statements calling for calm or condemning the provocative activities of the group, I am not aware if he made any behind the scenes interventions in support of the peace and harmony of the State.

The truth is that most of our leaders consider it political wisdom and carefulness not to say anything against IPOB, but it is not. IPOB is a monster that spares no one. Buhari openly condemned the military onslaught against Boko Haram terrorists, but today, that group and many other terrorist and criminal groups in the North are his administration's biggest headache. While Buhari and Hope Uzodimma are fortunate to have got to power, partly on the back of the implicit support they gave to these insurgents, those who are keeping quiet today and watching as our State is being burnt down, may not be that fortunate. We may end up not having a State that they will play their politics in, eventually.

If Hope Uzodimma had known that today, the monster he was happy taking pictures with and inadvertently hailing as a hero, would be the one to cause his administration the biggest embarrassment, he would have done something then, to support a deradicalization of the group. The evidence that the group was getting violent was glaring at the time and I warned then, like I am warning now, that MNK didn't mean any good for Ala Igbo.

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So, any leader who looks the other way, believing that it doesn't concern him, should take a few lessons from Uzodimma. We need a State before we can play politics, and I reiterate that our leaders should sheathe their swords of political acrimony and speak up for the State and its people.


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