#TwitterBan: Buhari Speak On Nigeria VS Twitter

For those who do not want to do things in ignorance, please note that Nigeria is protesting the bias of Twitter towards it. Some want to deceive you, with their long essays written in well-polished English, that it is about taking down the President’s tweet. No! Not at all!

It is much bigger and more complicated than that. It is about Twitter allowing a few persons to use their platform to threaten the peace and sovereignty of over 200 million people by spewing hate and inciting violence, at the same time, denying our government the opportunity to warn these few miscreants. You may say that the government should have let this slide “since it was just once.” You may even say that the FG has used a sledgehammer to kill a fly, but remember that you have attacked the FG for being slow and weak in handling little issues until they grow bigger than it can handle, something I also hate about it.

Twitter banned the President of its own country for using their medium to encourage insurrection in their own country but allowed the Kanus and Omokris to encourage genocide in Nigeria. I promise you that if these people had made even close to similar tweets inciting Nigerians living in the US against the US government, Twitter would not only have taken down their tweets, but would have also banned them from all social media platforms and the US government would have included them in their terror watchlist.

Well, I believe that the suspension of Twitter by the FG is temporary and is just a protest against the ‘involuntary’ role of Twitter in setting this country ablaze (there is serious punishment for involuntary manslaughter even in law).

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You can insult, attack and curse all day. The only thing we learn from that is that you value your Twitter account more than this country. It is clear that you do not care even if this country will burn to ashes as long as you will continue to tweet.

If you are outraged that you have been temporarily blocked from socialising, note that some people have, as a result of the activities of some on the same medium, been permanently blocked from this life.

Therefore, our message to you is simple – there was Nigeria before you and Twitter and there will be Nigeria far after you and Twitter. There will not just be Nigeria, there will be a better Nigeria! – mansur Isah buhari

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