Leave The East or Go into the Bush and Join Men, Because War Will Begin Next Couple of Days, Nnamdi Kanu Tell Igbos Youths



Jones FCC has reacted to Mr Nnamdi Kanu threat of war.

Kanu via radio Biafra urges youths in the eastern part of Nigeria to go into the bush and join Men, or they the should leave east because heavy rainfall (War) will hits the area in the next Couple of Days.

Jones FCC Onwuasoanya in reaction to Kanu threat said

"The danger with embarking on a war you are sure to lose, is that you end up exposing your weaknesses to your enemies and potentially become a laughing stock to him.

If you are not of winning a war of guns and mortars, engage in intellectual wars like the Dalai Lama of Tibet and others like him across the world. You are an enemy of the people, if you continue to expose their able-bodied youths to avoidable massacres and destruction of our businesses, in order to boost your ego.

People are running away from the Southeast already, and some fugitive buffoon relaxing in the comfort of his home in Europe is still spewing threats and even has the animalistic audacity to order that Igbo youths should leave the Southeast if they cannot get into the forest to join his ill-trained criminals, whose only confidence is on some charms, that have been severally proven to be ineffective.

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This cowardly terrorist and Number One enemy of Ndi Igbo has moved all his family members to safer locations outside Nigeria and is busy destroying Ala Igbo with those he has managed to brainwash.

There is no living human anywhere in the world that has shown himself to be more an hateful of Igbo progress and survival than Nnamdi Kanu. It disheartening that many people, including, supposed intellectuals are hailing him on.

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My sincere prayer is that it doesn't get too late before we realize ourselves. The accompanying picture was sent to me by someone in the US who is genuinely worried about her relatives in the East and I cannot but appreciate her frustration with the whole thing."


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