Appointment of Lauretta Onochie, Pollute The Impartiality of The Electoral Umpire - Sen Shehu Sani



Former Kaduna Senator, Shehu Sani has reacted to the screening of Lauretta Onochie by Nigerian Senate as INEC Assistant Commissioner to General Muhammad Buhari (RTD).

Lauretta who was a Media aides to President General Muhammad Buhari (RTD) was appointed by the retired general last year as his assistant of INEC commissioner.

The appointments was in compensation for defending him during his first term Regime in office from 2015 to 2018.

His appointment spark many reactions, but the President didn't succumb to the yearning of the masses.

Nigeria Senate, who pledge allegiance to Buhari regime, has today Proceed to Screen Onochie.

The screening also spark some reaction on Twitter.

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Shehu Sani who react to the screening said in a tweet "INEC positions should be for non partisan Nigerians who should commit & dedicate themselves to conducting a fair & credible elections.Appointing a partisan media aide who has openly antagonized & libelously defamed other parties pollute the impartiality of the electoral umpire."

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