Leaked sex Video: why Hasn't Willie Amadi Threatened to sue Hilda Dokubo and other high Profile accusers, but Continues to Threaten Administration of local WhatsApp group




It appears that some Nigerian politicians mistake being without scruples with being courageous. Putting up bold and shameless faces in the midst of accusations or revelations of disgraceful atrocities has become a culture among some of our politicians and they want us to applaud them for that. They would likely be boasting about how they are indestructible.

When a video showing Willie Amadi having what looked like a sex orgy with some lesbian girls surfaced online, some of us felt that the former Public Complaints Commissioner would take some honorable path to clear his name of that scandal, but the old young man had better plans up his sleeves. In what could pass as the fastest criminal investigation and prosecution in more than Nigerian history, Willie Amadi helped the Imo State Police Command to find the young man said to have been behind the "malicious blackmail" and in less than one month, a magistrate had sentenced the young man to one year imprisonment.

Some people, including Yours Sincerely, doubted the credibility of that investigation and even at a time, suspected that the whole story was stage-managed, but we were shocked to find out that the young man really exists and was actually sentenced to a prison term. What we do not know is where the wizardly young man acquired the skill of superimposing Willie Amadi having what looked like a doggy on two other apparently, lesbian girls, making out. That guy's services would be coveted even by some of the biggest movie making company in Hollywood, as he was even able to get the girls to react to being filmed without their knowledge, apparently, by Willie Amadi. True to our character as Nigerians, we have moved on and the young man is serving a term in prison, instead of been assisted to hone his rare video editing skills.

Hilda Dokubo was one of those who raised alarm about what she described as the young man's "unfair incarceration". She even offered to assist the young man to get justice, as she was, and may still is, convinced that whatever police investigation and the resultant judicial condemnation of the young man, was wrongly procured.

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Hilda's videos and links to the news reports on her reactions to that incident are still very available on the internet. I didn't hear or read, Willie Amadi threatening to sue her for defamation nor did I read the her tendering any unreserved apology nor did she retract her accusations against Nda Willie.

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Curiously, Nda Willie has been going around WhatsApp groups, especially, those managed by Imolites and dominated by Imo commentators, threatening administrators of such groups with legal action, should they fail to stop contributors in their groups from making reference to that incident.

While most of these WhatsApp administrators have cowered to his threats, there are few who are either less inclined to censoring such publications or have called the bluff of the Owerri Nchi-ise chief. While Willie is yet to take anyone of these 'recalcitrant' admins to court, he has at least made true his threat with his letter to Nze Ebubeagu Ekenulo, who administers the Save Imo WhatsApp group. He has written through his lawyer demanding a retraction of a publication that purportedly defamed his character.

By adopting this strategy, it is obvious that Nda Willie is desperate to erase this incident from the memories of history, but I think he is assuming too much with such determination. People will never forget a video that made them have an erection or got them so embarrassed and even if Willie's scape goat serves 300 years in prison, people like us will continue to research how such an unusually skillful young man would be allowed to spend a night in jail, instead of being let free to use his 'talent' in recreating more realities.

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Until Willie Amadi takes up the challenge thrown at him by Hilda Dokubo, to the effect, that he should provide this boy to tell the world the editing software or special computing skill he employed to come up with such a real-to-life video, we will continue to make reference to that incident. I believe that one day, we may even get someone who would make that incident a subject of academic or social research.


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