The secret behind rain of money at the Obi Cubana mother burial



Recently a burial of one of the youngest Nigerian billionaire mother has become talk of the day on social media.

Obi cubana 3 days ago bury his mother, on the burial they are said to be a lot of money which many of young boys spray.

A general term used to describe what happens that day is often called rain of money.

Many young Nigerian billionaires attended the ceremony.

Now some people begin asking questions, what could be the cause, what could be the secret behind such of rain of money at the burial mother of Cabana?.

If you can observe from the videos circulating online that is the video from the burial that is circulating online, you will discover that him or be cabana didn't spray money, the money were spray by his friends and colleagues.

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Also we hear a story of one of his boy that bought over 30 cow for him to bury his mother.

Take for example, the time when the young man was with him, he treated him as rag, he didn't value his service because he believes that he is a rich man, today well that boy will be able to buy him a single cow if he didn't make him Rich when he is already make it?.

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So in conclusion, if you want somebody to celebrate you, learn how to value and celebrate others.

Learn how to raise your friends, your colleagues, your brother's up when you have made it.

A single man cannot make a convoy so if you want a convoy, then go with the multitude.

make people feel your impact in the society, don't ever let them regret ever been with you.

The secret behind rain of money in his mother Burial, is because he raise boys up, he raise his friends up when he has made.

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