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By Jones FCC Onwuasoanya

You don't challenge the sovereignty of a nation, embarrass its leaders, mislead your gullible footsoldiers into believing that you are invincible, yet take to your heels when the authorities decide to test your might a little.

History is rich with the activities of freedom fighters across generations and nationalities. We've had some good number of rabble rousers in their ranks, but no successful freedom fighter ever succeeded by mere rabble rousing. Freedom fighting is a serious business, that requires lots of intelligence, contacts and good leadership skills.

You can only rely on noise making and mass hysteria if you are not a freedom fighter but a conman looking for money or political or social influence.

The Nigerian security agencies have continued to do their best, to show that you cannot hold this nation to ransom.

This is why I would always invite those genuinely interested in any meaningful change in our nation to invest their energy and resources in participating in politics, because that is the easiest way to upturn the system and make it work for the masses. You can even actualize the sovereignty of your own nationality, if that becomes the final option, by participating in politics than taking up arms against the nation and leading many innocent and frustrated youths to their avoidable and untimely deaths.

The same person viewed differently based on different sentiments and priorities.
~Aremo Ogunjimi.

Welcome home, Igboho.

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