Talk Zone: I saw my own Mother Telling my husband to come and fuck her as He used to Do – Woman cried out


The message is from anonymous, she want her identify keep secrets, but it a serious issue.

She reveal that her own husband which she meet on her mother supermarket is having an affair with her mother.

According to the message,

I met my husband in my mother supermarket and we exchange contact after nine month we got married because my mum was singing how good of a person he is all thought since we got married has been a wonderful husband, and father I have a baby girl and pregnant with our second child married for 4 years now, mummy I am devastated, I saw my Mother telling my husband to come and fuck her like she used to do, that my husband should not touch me that night so that he will give her all the strength, I don’t even know what to do since I saw the message, this morning he noticed all wasn’t well and keep asking me what the problem is, but I said nothing, he has called me more than 10 times to ask if I am ok, I kept saying nothing I don’t know what to do, how to confront both of them, it seems she has been sleeping with him before our marriage, mummy I am shattered, my dad is a good man just that he’s no longer strong, my mum cheated on my father and her supposed boyfriend is my husband, help me ma, what should I do I’m the eldest child my dad is 61, my mum is 50, my husband is 44 and I am 35.

Many people are going through the same issues, but can’t speak for one reasons or the other.

On our own thoughts: I think, the right things to do now to ask her husband politely.

And if he accept that he has been sleeping with his mother in-law, them he and the mother in-law should go and confess to the father in-law, and beg for forgiveness.

As for the man wife, you can’t leave the man House, because of your children.

Forgive your husband and your mother for the sake of your children, because leaving your husband house will cause more harm than good to your children.

So what is your advise to the people going through this hell?


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