What Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu said before He was hanged


Before he was hanged on 6 April 1979.

South Africa’s Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu said;

“My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. Tell my people that I love them. They must continue the fight, Aluta Continua”

Mahlangu was a second son of Martha Mahlangu, he was born in Pretoria on 10 July 1956, South Africa.

Story has it that His father left in 1962 and as a result he was raised by his mother, who was a domestic worker.

He attended Mamelodi High School up to Standard 8 (his tenth year of school), but his education was interrupted in 1976 by the riots of the Soweto uprising that resulted in school closures.

According Wikipedia:

In 1976 Mahlangu fled to Mozambique and spent six months in a refugee camp near Xai Xai. From there he was taken to an African National Congress (ANC) training camp called “Engineering”, in Angola. There and at Funda Camp he received training in sabotage, military combat, scouting and politics. He, George ‘Lucky’ Mahlangu and Mondy Motloung were then taken to Swaziland, where they were given large suitcases filled with pamphlets, rifles and hand grenades. On 11 June 1977 they crossed the border into South Africa and started making their way to Johannesburg.

The three comrades-in-arms, each carrying a large suitcase, were climbing into a taxi in Diagonal Street in the centre of Johannesburg. An ordinary policeman became suspicious and grabbed one of the suitcases. An AK-47 assault rifle and a hand grenade fell out. All three of them fled, Lucky Mahlangu in one direction and the other two in the direction of Fordsburg. There, in Goch Street, the two sought refuge in the storage facilities of the retailer John Orr’s. One of them opened fire on the employees of the company, killing two and wounding another two. Mahlangu and Motaung were eventually arrested.

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