How I escaped being used by my Husband for Money ritual – Nigerian Woman narrates ordeal

A Nigerian woman simply identified as Mrs. Nike has this shocking but true life story to share.

Sharing her story on Knowevritin Nigeria, she alleged her husband tried to use her for money ritual before his secret was exposed.

Read her full story below;

“My name is Nike, I got married to my husband about 15 years ago. We married in a one room apartment and we have 6 children already.

The man likes sex so we just kept producing children even when we didn’t have the money to train them or care for them.

Just about last year I started having strange dreams, I will see my husband pursuing me or trying to bury me alive. I am a very strong christian and a CAC member so I went in dry fasting and prayers to see what the problem might be.

My husband does not attend CAC because he is always busy with small small jobs here and there so he would not come with me to church whenever I go with the children.

I did not share the dream with him because I was scared he might get offended but the dream continued. Few months ago whenever he wants to pick a particular call, he would go to the main road and pick the call so I will not hear the conversation, I was observing him but was not sure what was happening.

Several times I will wake up in the midnight and see him awake staring at me on the bed and holding something.

He will quickly hide it when he sees that I am awake but I knew he was trying to do something. I kept quiet and kept praying and fasting.

One day as God will want to help me, he was in the bathroom and then that strange number called again. He saved it as “mama” so I thought it was his mum. As soon as I picked my spirit told me to keep quiet and hear first. To my surprise it was a man’s voice telling him in yoruba that he forgot to tell him that he should be very careful that the ritual item he just gave him, must not be seen by his wife else we wont be able to use her again and the outcome will be death for him.

To avoid shouting, I gently ended the call ran into the room and started scattering everywhere if I will see the thing. As God will help me, I saw it in his trouser pocket, he always carry that things everywhere he went to…I didn’t even know what that thing was.

That day was a terrible day, as soon as I saw that thing in his pocket, my husband walked in from the bathroom and right in my front he collapsed on the floor and that was he fainted.

It took 7 days of him sleeping in our prayer ground (ori oke) for him to come back to life because he wanted to do evil to me. He actually wanted to use me to get rich but thank God he is exposed, and I was saved.”

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