Buhari Govt is yet to file terrorism charge against arrested Bandits, he free Boko Haram, but went ahead to charge freedom fighters



It is clear that fighting insecurities in Nigeria is tribally manipulate.

Today DSS has file terrorism Charge against Sunday Igboho aides arrested few months ago when security personnel invaded his house in Ibandan.

They charged them after months in custody.

Igboho and his followers are agitating for Odudwa Republic because they sees that Buhari has failed Nigerian.

But Boko Haram members who has killed millions of Nigeians are been set free every day with executive treatment.

Also we yet to see any Bandits charge of terrorism in Nigeria.

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“They have been shooting for over 10 minutes now.”

Now how can a government free the real killers, and charge people who said enough is enough, we don't want Fulani to continue Killing our people?

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