Insecurities: Mahmud Jega is Wrong; Gumi Remains Right By Mustapha Jafar

Mahmud Jega, in his “Gumi is Wrong; War Can End Banditry”, based his arguments on how, one, almost all wars the world has come to know always ended with one side of the warring parties surrendering and, two, the fact that The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) successfully conquered all those who attempted to finish both himself and his divine mission. There are at least three things ingnorance of which made Mahmud Jega to think Dr. Gumi was wrong:

1) Dr. Gumi made his assertion out of the conviction that of all wars only Jihad succeeds. Unlike all other wars Jihad is always waged to clear those who attempt to violently stop the free spread of Islam the only religion that provides the blueprint for how everyone will not only live free from injustice but also make it to Heaven. On the other hand, both the bandits and the Nigerian Army are accused of killing innocent people.

2) Islam conquered its violent opponents within the shortest possible time with effective mechanism to ensure minimal catualties. The war against Boko Haram has gone on for the last eleven years with no end in sight partly because the Nigerian Army does not appear to be strong enough to bring it to the end. Moreover, apart from the destructive long it has taken with no light at the end of the tunnel, the number of innocent lives lost so far are in thousands. How successful do you say a war is after this long and such loss of lives even if both BH and ISWAP completely surrendered now? Are we sure, given the way things are so far, the war against the bandits will not be longer and tougher?

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3) Our Prophet did record the successes that Mahmud Jega refered to as a result of Hudaibiyyah Peace Treaty that he signed with Maccan Pagans. 1) Within the following less than 10 years most of the pagans CONVERTED TO ISLAM PEACFULLY. 2) Absence of threats from the pagans gave him the chance to successfully face particularly Romans and Persians. Nigerian context supports us!

Mal Mustapha Jafar writes from Tudun Jukun Zaria

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