Reaction as young girls says they Will Steal women Men If they Don't Guard Them Well



We Will Steal Your Men If You Don't Guard Them Well, - High School Girls Warn Women.

Reaction from Osege will blow your mind

He said

I just laugh.

It is very important that parents should train their children very well to avoid this kind of reckless statement from little girls that are supposed to think and work hard about their future.

However, I have an analysis to make here. See! Most people here are only seeing the “…we will steal your men…” why not also look at the conditional statement which is “…..if you don’t guard them well”.

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Most married women or girlfriends maybe so upset with this statement but they didn’t understand that this is a pure conditional statement.

  1. We will steal your men.
  2. If you don’t guard them well.
    They didn’t say guard them but guard them well.

Most men are simply caged in their homes because of

  1. Peace of mind at home
  2. Respect from wifey
  3. Good food from wifey
  4. Good matrimonial food (you know what I mean)
  5. Good care and concern
  6. Prayers
  7. Support and
  8. Courage, you can add others as you may have experienced or heard.

Again, the “…if you don’t guard them well” can simply mean that most men may behave like thirsty dogs released from chain and maybe pursuing younger girls, if you don’t guard them where to drink good water, mehn, anything can quench the thirst so be wise and understand well as the little lads lack what it takes to steal your men if you can guard your men well(jealously) and do the needful.

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